Image of Cibic as a splash back design by Mort & Hex and

Geometric Feature Tiles – Glass Reimagined

The modern geometric style looks utterly mesmerising when it’s printed behind glass as a stunning Feature Tile or splashback.

There’s such a crisp definition of print – crystal clear with a clarity that seems to bite through with direct precision.

The angular lines and criss-cross details retain such sharpness. The depth is something one could almost fall into…

Like Narcissus, we may be too biased with their good looks but surely when home decor can look this unique, are we that wrong?

feature tiles that move rooms


The lines of Alata seem almost unearthly behind the pane.


Image of Alata Feature tile by Mort & Hex and sold by
Alata Feature Tile


While Cibic as a glass splashback could gaze back from the wall of a modernist museum.
Glass printed as standalone artwork.


Image of Cibic as a splash back design by Mort & Hex and


splashbacks that shout back


Aldo design sets the tone. In a bathroom, its American Gigolo – the style of the classics setting the pace in modern life.
A Feature Tile pattern designed to be the feature.


Image of Aldo design for splashbacks or Feature Tiles from Mort & Hex and


All 3 above use their ’17 shades to quietly pop and bristle under the radar. Their geometric pulse creating the tension the room’s restful neutrality deserves.

The remainder of the space has the flow, Mort & Hex define the accent and outline.


Image of Iceberg pattern as feature tile or glass splashback from Mort & hex and


Iceberg cuts through the glass with precise definition. Put it behind the taps in the bathroom and expect it to shave you.

The cool blues and subtle greys combine across the pattern like a kaleidoscopic ritual of the god Triangulus.


Image of Grafyx Pink geometric abstract design from Mort & Hex and


Grafyx Pink or Green horizontally slide their arch-like barricades dissecting the view and bringing forth its third dimension.

Follow the rabbit as it slips down the rabbit hole – do you take the pink pill or the green?

All our abstracts and geometrics are available from Forthefloorandmore.
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