Keep Apart 2 Chevrons – Vinyl Flooring With Drama

Ah, the humble chevron. A master of the motorway, the bus lane, the school parking zone. The guiding line – go here, don’t go here.


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The chevron – the mistress of uncertainty.

And one of the fundamentals in geometric design. Along with our honeycomb and houndstooth, linear and lineal, it’s the backbone of many of our designs. Or at least in the pattern genesis when it’s an uncertain squiggle on the sheet or screen.

It seems we’re not the only ones who can’t get enough of the humble chevron and our latest colourways form part of the Twin Peaks inspired flooring designs here at For the Floor & More.


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We haven’t seen much of David Lynch’s series – I know, I know – but the blog post has certainly piqued our interest. We love the red curtains in the lodge with the flooring – very cool.
If the feel of the show follows on from that visual iconography then I’m sure when we do get round to it, it’ll be on hard streaming rotation.


Image of Cooper chevron flooring from For the Floor & More
Cooper flooring design

Chevron Pick & Mix

We think the way the chevron can be coupled with so many different tones and colours –  compliment and contrast – it lends itself a utilitarian air of fulsome inspiration.
Pastel chevron stripes sided with different hues create a peaceful serenity for a bathroom floor. Your oasis of calm – bath, book and bubbles – would never look better or more unique.


Image of Cooper flooring from For the Floor & More


Across the kitchen, add a bit more colour – something to impress at the dinner party. The best homes keep guests talking and inject their own personality into the conversation. Make sure yours is one.


Image of Cooper design flooring from


Ah, the chevron.
Now you see where it fits like a design Tetris block into the home and home décor. Its one of the staples and exudes a classic geometric style.
You’ve seen its application as patterned vinyl flooring – are you up to it?