Chair by Rockett St George

Geometrics On The High Street

2019 seems to be no different than the previous couple of years as far as the trend in geometric design.

Big and bold motifs are emblazoned across quilt covers, curtains, cushions and wallpapers.

Here are just a few of our favourites for the new year:

Image of a habitat store geometric display

Habitat has created a real buzz with the above style statement. On-trend colour melds with super cool tones and shapes.
The overall feel of the room with the panelling in the background looks uber sophisticated and so fresh.

Image of French Connection room decor

Again, sumptuous and sophisticated colour hues matched with paler wood tones.
This time French Connection has added the copper look light fitting to pull the two contrasting shades together. It’s a look that’s got 2019 written in large letters right across it.

Chair by Rockett St George

Both the chair and the deep colour paint behind it are from Rockett St George. 
How fantastic does this look?
You don’t even have to see the rest of the room to know the sense of home decor drama that unfolds at either side of the camera lens.

The shape of the chair (although probably not the comfiest) looks like it was forged in some Mediterranean island (or GoTs Iron Island).
An absolutely perfect feature for any on-trend home in 2019!

What have you seen so far in 2019 that has got you geometrically hot under the collar?
Let us know on social media.



Image of geometric vinyl flooring designed by Mort & Hex available from

Geometric Colours Incoming!

Colours for splashbacks, floors & more….

We love to see our designs printed on glass. The colour definition and quality of print just seem to completely match with the geometric style we strive for. Glass and square-y just seem to gel so well. The growing range of coloured glass splashback designs for kitchens we add our designs to always gives us goosebumps when we see the finished articles!

Image showing Geometric splash back image available from

Looking for a little inspiration in using colour in your home decor, read on for a brief guide on the hows and whys.

The creative aspect involved in planning your own personal interior decorating of your home decor can be a personal and exciting adventure. There are many ideas content you can pick up all over the place, simply by reading magazines and books or culling Internet sites for ideas. Some of the ones we found were simple, such as buying 50-metre rolls of artist canvas and having your children use finger paint to paint their own rooms on large swathes of the canvas.

There are so many ideas and possibilities to render your home decor to be exactly what you want to be, all it takes is a little research and creativity, and an eye on your budget.

Some of the best ideas cost little to do and are very classy or esoteric.

Image of geometric vinyl flooring designed by Mort & Hex available from

One of the things you might want to do to make the most of your interior space while buying furniture for your new home decor is to measure the rooms involved. Draw to a scale on graph paper; used 1/4″ to 1-foot scale to represent the demarcations involved in this approach to fitting furniture into your remodeled spaces.

You can turn many pieces of furniture into new creations with such things as slipcovers for your headboard and foot or on your bed. Giving your home decor its own personality that goes with yours is the ultimate goal.

Are you one of the rustic or modern, classic or bohemian? The endless choices present themselves in many different ways, but you have to find and look in order to get what you want, and the whole thing is a process of discovery. It goes without saying that you want your home to reflect how you feel and your lifestyle, and be livable for you on an everyday basis, with an emphasis on comfort and beauty.

It goes without saying that you want your home to reflect how you feel and your lifestyle. It also needs to be habitable and match your life on an everyday basis, with an emphasis on comfort and beauty.

The best things you can do for yourself is to educate yourself in interior design basics. Get a few books out of the library on the subject, hunt down information and articles and websites online. This will allow you to be the consumer that you need to be and help answer why you went down the routes of your desire for your home decor.

An educated consumer will always get the best results. Unless you want to hire someone to do so for you, finding out all about the subject and educating yourself somewhat is indispensable.

Anyway, back to the shiny coloured splashbacks and modern fresh geometric patterned floor ideas!


Image of geometric patterned bath backsplash panel

Geometric Patterns & More

Guest post over at For the Floor & More.

Home Decor Patterns That Spell Drama.

Asked to interject on patterns for home decor. Something about the impact they create and the feel they can inspire.

Surprised myself with some knowledge on florals, ombré – I even dropped in Chinoiserie and Japonisme. Please allow me this moment and do not judge.

The world here at Mort & Hex may revolve about geometrics but I’d be naive to think that’s all there is and all you want.

We can concentrate on what we do – more designs incoming – and give ideas to add drama to your home.

As they say at For the Floor: Have the home everyone talks about.

Image of geometric patterned bath backsplash panel




Keep Apart 2 Chevrons – Vinyl Flooring With Drama

Ah, the humble chevron. A master of the motorway, the bus lane, the school parking zone. The guiding line – go here, don’t go here.


Image of Cooper design flooring from


The chevron – the mistress of uncertainty.

And one of the fundamentals in geometric design. Along with our honeycomb and houndstooth, linear and lineal, it’s the backbone of many of our designs. Or at least in the pattern genesis when it’s an uncertain squiggle on the sheet or screen.

It seems we’re not the only ones who can’t get enough of the humble chevron and our latest colourways form part of the Twin Peaks inspired flooring designs here at For the Floor & More.


Image of Cooper chevron design flooring from


We haven’t seen much of David Lynch’s series – I know, I know – but the blog post has certainly piqued our interest. We love the red curtains in the lodge with the flooring – very cool.
If the feel of the show follows on from that visual iconography then I’m sure when we do get round to it, it’ll be on hard streaming rotation.


Image of Cooper chevron flooring from For the Floor & More
Cooper flooring design

Chevron Pick & Mix

We think the way the chevron can be coupled with so many different tones and colours –  compliment and contrast – it lends itself a utilitarian air of fulsome inspiration.
Pastel chevron stripes sided with different hues create a peaceful serenity for a bathroom floor. Your oasis of calm – bath, book and bubbles – would never look better or more unique.


Image of Cooper flooring from For the Floor & More


Across the kitchen, add a bit more colour – something to impress at the dinner party. The best homes keep guests talking and inject their own personality into the conversation. Make sure yours is one.


Image of Cooper design flooring from


Ah, the chevron.
Now you see where it fits like a design Tetris block into the home and home décor. Its one of the staples and exudes a classic geometric style.
You’ve seen its application as patterned vinyl flooring – are you up to it?


Ornami pattern as a 3D Vinyl Flooring available at

Uber 3D Geometric Designs & Patterns

Geometry In 3D For Floors & More

We recently curated and collected a number of new geometric designs primarily for the floor. They are all in this post on ideas for 3D Vinyl Flooring.

Image of Didara geometric pattern as a 3D Vinyl Flooring available at
Didara pattern 3D Vinyl Flooring

We love the way they play with depth and from floor level they appear abstract – a distinctive illusion toying with form and style.
From eye level and above they become much more. Interweaving and interlocking links and shapes. Tetris type bricks cascading across the ground adding drama to the room.

Image of Vertx geometric pattern as a 3D Vinyl Flooring available at
Vertx pattern 3D Vinyl Flooring

Designs created to force attention and conversation. For too long the floor has been the domain of plain. No longer is this viable.

We create geometric patterns for wallpapers and glassware. Hung high and wide, they fulfil their desires with ease whilst splayed across the vertical surface.

Image of SkyScraper geometric pattern as a 3D Vinyl Flooring available at
SkyScraper pattern 3D Vinyl Flooring

Floors have been left out of the sunlight and the spotlight. Pastel hues and minor pattern the most they have been afforded.
A decorated rug tossed down as a final apology for dourness. We always wanted more but more was unavailable or at least not yet readily accessible.
The internet created a possible solution but possibilities aren’t always clearly signposted. The flooring revolution had not yet begun.

Dekore geometric pattern as a 3D Vinyl Flooring available at
Dekore pattern 3D Vinyl Flooring

With the advent of digital print technology coupled with the new media advances bring, the snowball started rolling.
Ideas for bold geometrics, colour potential unlimited, the designer’s brain ticking like a mind-bomb.

Pantone tones like a new paintbrush – the paint pot split open and hi-def hues escape across illustrator and beyond. Motifs never before witnessed cause havoc with traditional design. If your room doesn’t host then behind you have been quickly left.

Image of Vektr pattern as a 3D Vinyl Flooring available at
Vektr pattern 3D Vinyl Flooring

NuViFloor Vinyl Flooring

NuViFloor vinyl floor covering created for impact – both visual and what daily life drops onto it. A textured top layer guarantees hard-wearing, durable performance. The print layer is protected beneath the face – nothing spoils its attractive unique look and it’s built to look good for longer.

Comfort yourself with the knowledge your home is leading with on-trend geometric design and that you chose the most innovative flooring product available.

Image of Didara Yellow pattern as a 3D Vinyl Flooring available at
Didara Yellow pattern 3D Vinyl Flooring
Image of Cibic as a splash back design by Mort & Hex and

Geometric Feature Tiles – Glass Reimagined

The modern geometric style looks utterly mesmerising when it’s printed behind glass as a stunning Feature Tile or splashback.

There’s such a crisp definition of print – crystal clear with a clarity that seems to bite through with direct precision.

The angular lines and criss-cross details retain such sharpness. The depth is something one could almost fall into…

Like Narcissus, we may be too biased with their good looks but surely when home decor can look this unique, are we that wrong?

feature tiles that move rooms


The lines of Alata seem almost unearthly behind the pane.


Image of Alata Feature tile by Mort & Hex and sold by
Alata Feature Tile


While Cibic as a glass splashback could gaze back from the wall of a modernist museum.
Glass printed as standalone artwork.


Image of Cibic as a splash back design by Mort & Hex and


splashbacks that shout back


Aldo design sets the tone. In a bathroom, its American Gigolo – the style of the classics setting the pace in modern life.
A Feature Tile pattern designed to be the feature.


Image of Aldo design for splashbacks or Feature Tiles from Mort & Hex and


All 3 above use their ’17 shades to quietly pop and bristle under the radar. Their geometric pulse creating the tension the room’s restful neutrality deserves.

The remainder of the space has the flow, Mort & Hex define the accent and outline.


Image of Iceberg pattern as feature tile or glass splashback from Mort & hex and


Iceberg cuts through the glass with precise definition. Put it behind the taps in the bathroom and expect it to shave you.

The cool blues and subtle greys combine across the pattern like a kaleidoscopic ritual of the god Triangulus.


Image of Grafyx Pink geometric abstract design from Mort & Hex and


Grafyx Pink or Green horizontally slide their arch-like barricades dissecting the view and bringing forth its third dimension.

Follow the rabbit as it slips down the rabbit hole – do you take the pink pill or the green?

All our abstracts and geometrics are available from Forthefloorandmore.
They print, we design, we curate.

Keep up to date by subscribing for the newsletter on their site. As we bring out more collections and additions, they’ll let you know.


You know where to click to see the current ranges of feature tiles or glass splashbacks – good luck.


Blog post all about pattern vinyl flooring: 9 Pattern Vinyl Floors for Stylish Geometry Lovers

9 angular vinyl flooring patterns for all the geometri-philes

Part of our new Spring 2017 patterns have formed the basis of a blog post over at For the Floor & More.

9 Pattern Vinyl Floors for Stylish Geometry Lovers

Fenchurch coloured geometric vinyl flooring exlusively from
Fenchurch vinyl flooring
Arch fish scale coloured geometric vinyl flooring pattern exclusive to
Arch vinyl flooring
Harrow patterned vinyl flooring - oodles of style and impact. A classy interpretation of a distinctive design. Make a real impression with your flooring!
Harrow vinyl flooring
Herringbone Parquet vinyl flooring - classic flooring recreated for the modern home by For the Floor and More
Herringbone Pink vinyl flooring
Camden vinyl floor covering pattern - an abstract geometric colourful design exclusive from
Camden vinyl flooring
Bromley coloured vinyl flooring pattern - colourful and distinctive designs from
Bromley vinyl flooring
Geometric Cibic pattern vinyl flooring from
Cibic vinyl flooring
Dials colourful patterned vinyl flooring, sophisticated and full of style. Exclusive to
Dials vinyl flooring
Disa pastel colour pattern vinyl flooring, sophisticated and full of style. Exclusive to
Disa vinyl flooring

With our designs and motifs imagined as modern dramatic patterned vinyl flooring, there’s no reason to stop at your walls when it comes to making a feature in your home.

Geometric patterns create feelings of space and depth. Make a small room seem larger and add to a simple coloured room to develop punch and impact.

As with everything For the Floor & More produces, if you fall in love with the shapes and style but prefer a different colour way, they can reproduce any design in other tones or shades.

Their vinyl flooring is hard wearing, hygienic and practical – created to withstand anything everyday life may drop onto it. The designs are printed beneath the textured face to protect and are fully sealed to prevent any image degradation.

Patterned vinyl flooring reimagined for the modern home.


Alata bespoke vinyl flooring designed by Mort & Hex and sold by For the Floor and More

Alata Geometric Flooring Design

Alata design as patterned bespoke vinyl flooring

Punchy triangles in pinks and blues makes for a distinctive lined flooring geometric pattern. We love playing with angles and overlapping motifs to create a visual statement perfect for home design. As a distinctive patterned vinyl floor covering, Alata design creates real drama as it zigzags across your room and plays with colour and space.

Also available as a glass kitchen splashback, an innovative large scale Feature Tiles, or as an impressive made to measure wallpaper mural. All our designs are available through For the Floor & More. We work alongside them to create design that compliments your home. As For the Floor & More state: Your home is unique, don’t forget to show it.


Alata bespoke vinyl flooring designed by Mort & Hex and sold by For the Floor and More